Do you remember I did a post here on Avengers NOW! a few days ago? Do you remember that it was of kind of manageable length? I thought, yes, that was OK, I’ll brush it up a bit and post it on Freaky Trigger, maybe add a couple of background details so people less invested in Marvel kremlinology can play along.

THREE THOUSAND WORDS later here we are. An analysis of the “Lady Thor”/”Falcon Cap” publishing moves in a wider context of what Marvel is up to generally. Very nerdy. Hopefully interesting. Titled with the most laboured pun in my long and wretched history. Just in time for Comic-Con.

i’ve managed to almost stop using amazon now, except for for earphones (i sleep with earphones in and they break a lot, and it’s bad but i basically can’t sleep without them, and there’s nowhere near me that sells them cheaply) and for keeping my amazon wishlist. this is partly because my family ALL USES amazon wishlist so that we don’t ever have to think of gifts for each other, and partly because it’s a good way of tracking all of the books i want to read but will never read.

anyway i was just thinking about it because i am putting things i want but can’t think about buying until after the move on there. it feels like i’m doing something towards buying them, even though i am the person who will buy these things (elsewhere) if it ever happens. it stops me from actually buying something i can’t afford and don’t really need, replaces the impulse.

(i am not great at not spending money. trying to get better).

but anyway, no books from amazon ever again. hive forever. if only it offered imported books.