Kurt Busiek dropping the mic on the “wretched, insulting narrative that Kirby’s heirs up and sued Marvel because they smelled money.”

Definitely worth reading the whole thing cuz these screenshots are terrible.

This is so important. Read it. All of it.

problem i am genuinely having right now: i can’t remember which podcast it was that i listened to recently that had a story about a woman whose grandfather worked on secret soviet space age stuff (i think lbr it could have been nuclear stuff) and had to live in this special secret soviet space city (lol) that nobody knew about.

DO ANY OF YOU RECOGNISE THIS STORY, SOB. maybe it was an article and not a podcast?? i’m pretty sure it was a podcast though. why. i hope i didn’t dream this.



Walmart under fire for “Batman’s wife” t-shirt for girls.

If history has taught us anything, it is that humankind is doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past. This is the only possible explanation for why DC and Marvel Comics keep producing such explicitly sexist merchandise aimed at their female fans. 

This time around, it’s a DC Comics t-shirt with the slogan “Training to be Batman’s wife.” This shirt is sold in the Juniors section at Walmart, and is aimed at teens and preteens. 

As many DC fans quickly pointed out, this shirt sends an incredibly sexist and demeaning message to young girls. It’s also bizarre, because when a 12-year-old wants to buy Batman merchandise, it’s generally not because she’s impressed by Bruce Wayne’s eligible bachelor status.